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Writers’ Lab: Overview of Journals on Structural Concrete and Bridge Engineering

As I was determining which journal papers I can write from my dissertation, and where to publish them I gathered a little list of interesting journals and their respective impact factors.

For those of you in my field of research, here is my list of journals and their impact factors. Note: I wrote about my Journal top 5 long time ago for PhD2Published. You can consider this a longer version, but with less additional information why I like a particular journal. The goal of this list is to inform you, and to give you an idea of where you could publish your work.

I’ve added the links to the author information, whenever it was possible. For TRR, you need to submit a paper for the TRB conference, and indicate you want to have it eligible for publication in TRR. The submission portal is only open between June and August 1st (the deadline for submission).

1. Transportation Research Record: IF = 0,471
2. Journal of Structural Engineering ASCE: IF = 0,955
3. Journal of Bridge Engineering (ASCE): IF = 0,623
4. ACI Structural Journal: IF = 0.667
5. Magazine of Concrete Research: IF = 0,604
6. Structural Concrete: IF = 0,395
7. Advances in Structural Engineering: IF = 0,324
8. Beton- und Stahlbetonbau: IF = 0,456
9. Cement and Concrete Composites: IF = 2,421
10. Engineering Structures: IF = 1,351
11. Materials and Structures: IF = 1,278
12. Heron: IF = 0,25
13. Structural Engineering International: IF = 0,321

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