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PhD Opportunities in Structural Mechanics: University of Cape Town

As I am on the mailing list for the SEMC 2013 conference, I received the following information that might be of interest to some of the reader of PhD Talk.

The Structural Engineering & Mechanics Group at the University of Cape Town would like to announce a number of opportunities for PhD study commencing in 2014. Applications are being invited for full-time PhD study in the following areas of research:
  • Symmetry in structural mechanics; group-theoretic formulations for the study of various problems involving symmetry (vibration, bifurcation, stability); numerical implementation of efficient group-theoretic computational procedures for the solution of practical problems
  • Mechanics of shells of revolution; innovative shell forms for containment applications; development of appropriate methods of analysis; design recommendations for multi-shell containment vessels
  • Buckling behaviour of externally-pressurized thin shells of double curvature; buckling of thin-shell concrete arch dams; optimum shape for thin-shell concrete arch dams in deep narrow valleys; development of a database for the preliminary design of thin-shell concrete arch dams for a comprehensive range of valley-shape idealisations
  • Analytical and numerical modelling of the non-linear dynamic response of high-voltage overhead power transmission lines; modelling of steady winds and gusts; mathematical models for vibration response of overhead power lines in wind and rain; development of more effective strategies for damping and vibration control
To be considered for PhD enrolment on the above studies, candidates must already be in possession of a Masters degree in Structural Engineering or a related field within the broader disciplines of Civil or Mechanical Engineering. Candidates will be expected to complete the PhD work within a period of 3 years. Some support from the National Research Foundation of South Africa may become available, and opportunities for teaching assistance will be provided, but it is expected that candidates will also have other means of supporting their studies.
Applications must be received by 30 September 2013. Candidates must clearly state (i) the preferred area of study, and attach (ii) a brief motivation for the intended studies, and (iii) a full CV (including any publications to date). Applications must be directed to:
Prof. A. Zingoni – Head, Structural Engineering & Mechanics Group
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Cape Town
Rondebosch 7701, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: 27 21 650 2601; Fax: 27 21 650 3293; Email: 
SEMC 2013 International Conference:

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