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Dardos award

A number of months ago, Gera Nagelhout, from Tabacco Control Research, nominated me for a Dardos award. I was very flattered when I read about this, but then I didn’t really follow up with this for quite some time (sorry!).

As Gera explained on her blog, the Dardos award originated in Spain, and is a virtual award sent as a ‘gift’ from one blogger to another as “recognition for the creativity, effort and dedication” they put into their blog. The award originated in Spain and has been sent from blogger to blogger for several years now.

The rules of the award: Premio Dardos

  • Link back to the person who nominated you (Thanks, Gera!)
  • Display the award icon (check)
  • Nominate 15 others whose blogs you like

Here are the 15 blogs that I’d like to nominate! I’ve compiled the list in no particular order, just according to what I have in my Feedly account.
I’ve mainly selected blogs by writers (mostly, but not all, academics) that stand out because of their personal style.

1. Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD: A very interesting blog by Mexico-based academic Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega. I enjoy reading his posts about academic productivity, and at the same time, I enjoy reading his research related posts. He certainly has a talent for sharing his research in a clear and understandable way to people from completely different fields (like me).

2. Noeska Smit: A PhD student from Delft University of Technology who specializes in medical visualization. She shares some great productivity lessons as well.

3. Tenure, She Wrote: a brilliant collective of female academics, sharing their thoughts on academia in all its aspects.

4. Laura Vanderkam: Journalist and writer. I enjoyed reading her 168 hours book, and her posts, which read like a public journal, help me reflect on how I spend my time.

5. Get a Life, PhD: Dr. Tanya Golash-Boza blogs about succeeding in academia (and she knows a thing or two about this, she has tenure!) and having a life as well.

6. Dr. Sustainable: Dr. Alex Hope is a lecturer in Sustainable Development and Project Management in the School of Built and Natural Environment, Northumbria University and writes about tech hacks for academics and productivity tips for academics.

7. The Serial Mentor: Dr. Claus Wilke is Professor of Integrative Biology at The University of Texas at Austin, and writes about science, writing, fitness, nutrition and professional Development.

8. Amanda Michelle Jones: Amanda Michelle Jones is working toward a master’s & Ph.D. in social work at the University of Chicago. She fights for social justice, and very often draws my attention to many different forms of injustice and inequality.

9. Dr. K: An academic blog by post-doc and academic Klara, blogging anonymously as Dr. K, who discusses life in academia, in all its wonderful and complex ways.

10. Peoplegogy: A long-standing favorite of mine, the blog of Dr. William Deyamport III focuses on education and the use of digital media, mostly through vlogs and interviews.

11. Matt Might: Dr. Matt Might is an assistant professor in computer science, who -as most of my favorite blogging academics- combine writing about their field with writing about more general topics in academia.

12. Happy Science: Dr. Heather Doran writes about science and debunking myths through the use of solid science. It’s been a bit quiet on her blog since she graduated, but I hope she’ll resume her witty posts over time.

13. The Styling Dutchman: my all-time favorite fashion blog – and interestingly enough, this young lady is now working on a PhD.

14. The Self Help Hipster: Posts on a variety of self help topics, but written in a light and funny way.

15. The Busy Woman and the Stripy Cat: Dr. Rita Domingues writes in Portuguese, but I use Google Translate to read her posts. She is a researcher who loves yoga and minimalism, and her posts are incredibly inspiring.

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