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Writers’ Lab: How the writing assignment contributes greater knowledge to PhD students

Today in the Writers’ Lab (which has been rather vacant for a while) I have the pleasure of hosting William Delgado, a professional writer. Have you wondered how the people behind paid essay writing services feel about writing, and which lessons they can share with us? Well, I got the chance to invite one of these writers for a guest post – and this time I refrained from editing the text since I wouldn’t want to correct the work of a professional writer. 

William Delgado is an academic writing enthusiast. He is a writer who works with professionals helping to write essay assignments. He works mainly to help students having less skill in writing papers to develop their own writing pattern.

Introduction: Studying for doctoral degrees in any discipline is indeed a very challenging and awesome task, involving maximum degree of academic efforts, dedication, perseverance, patience, resolve, determination and above all the steely courage to overcome all odds in order to gain the coveted doctoral degree.

Besides the physical resources needed to accomplish doctoral studies, students must also be mentally fully geared and equipped to face the challenges besotted by these kind of higher levels of studies, no matter which discipline is chosen. One of the major tasks in doctoral studies for PhD students is the submission of Dissertation paper for the studies. 
The Dissertation paper is no ordinary writing exercise, and, on the contrary, would involve greatest involvement of mind and matter, focus on the topic and how the dissertation needs to unfold and present to the University examiners. There are many rules and requirements regarding these writing assignments, or Dissertation, both in terms of regulations and norms prescribed by the concerned study body or University, and also the norms that need to be followed by any doctoral student in terms of scholarly ethics, academic honesty and integrity and also topic specific requirements that need to be adhered at all times during the scaffolding of the writing of Thesis piece.
However, it goes without saying that writing assignment, or Dissertation papers do provide and contribute a great deal towards greater, deeper, wide-ranging, comprehensive, exhaustive, broader and far reaching knowledge to doctoral students, since there is need to undertake extensive research studies before even starting to write the required dissertation.

1. Writing assignment provide opportunities for doctoral students to offer original, upright and immaculate thinking: 
Original thinking is crucial in any doctoral writing assignment, and ideas, even skewed ones, may be accepted if they are convincing, reliable and have evidential support and backing. Since this helps original thinking, it is necessary for students to think and act originally in the enforcement of writing assignments. While ideas may be borrowed from other authentic and genuine sources, they need to be fully acknowledged, referenced and cited.

2. Dissertation papers require careful, complete and comprehensive, in depth research study of researched topic:
Indeed it is difficult to place a good, passable dissertation without having expert knowledge of the topic and all its ramifications. Indeed for a good dissertation paper to quality and gain high grades, complete and extensive knowledge, understanding and insight of the topic question are necessary pre requisites and sin quo non. Unlike a Master’s Degree thesis which runs into some 100 pages or so, a Dissertation runs to almost twice, or thrice this quantum, thus the scope, content and depth of knowledge and understanding is much more than that of that of thesis. Through writing of a solid, well researched and well-presented dissertation, great deals of the challenges involved in doctoral studies are indeed resolved and one needs to consider other aspects only. Besides, the kind of research instruments and resources used are also important factors in the matter of dissertation papers and their continuation.

3. Dissertation should betray reading of broad, wide ranging, selective and in depth studies
of quality sources and reference resources:
The need for presenting and perpetrating standard quality of the paper prescribed by doctorate conferring University is very important, as significant perhaps as the content and volume of the paper. A mere cursory scan of the dissertation is enough to inform experienced and astute Board Members or University examiners regarding the depth, variety and kind of resource searches made, either of physical books, journal or online sources. This being the case, indeed the academic exposure and knowledge acquired by the doctoral student through dissertation preparation is indeed wide and overwhelming.

4. Since Dissertations need to be scaffold on pre-determined, strict and unwavering set of formatting and structuring rules, these provide highest degree of academic rigor, discipline and steadfastness to doctoral students and others:
One of the major needs for doctoral students is strict adherence to academic honesty, integrity and rigor. Besides, there is also need to stick to rules and follow them to the core. These traits are tested in dissertations and, to a very large extent, examiners could more or less form evidenced based assumptions on the possibility of success for doctoral studies from the submitted dissertation. The quality, content, structure and standards betrayed by the dissertation are stepping stones for success, or failure in doctoral studies.

5. Dissertation making enhances critical judgment powers of doctoral students:
For doctoral students, forming judgments based on hearsay or common opinion is actively discouraged and it is intrinsic that opinions are formed on the premise of strong evidenced arguments.
 If the topic reads that Smoking causes cancer, there is need to identify, correlated and quantify the incidence of cancer caused by smoking and not on evidence of cancer caused by other reasons, and also the proportion of long term smokers who smoked and yet did not contract cancer. The interrelation, or correlation between smoking and cancer must be underlying evidence and enforceable. It is also necessary to take a negative hypothesis that Smoking does not cause cancer, and offer a wealth of data, statistics and information regarding this line of thinking, too. There is need to argue from both sides before reaching any kind of determination, or conclusions, otherwise this exercise fails to meet academic rigor, objectivity, scalability and objectivity, critical aspects of writing for highest levels of academic excellence.

6. Writing assignments offers scope for balanced, objective, well-rehearsed, planned and creative writings: Writing at the highest levels must be devoid of any kind of bias, prejudices, conflict of interests or discriminative judgments. Besides, it is also necessary to enforce and perpetuate a Writer’s Code of Conduct which envisages and enforces the highest righteous standards, in quality, contents, scaffold, structure and line of arguments.

7. Through writing of assignments, doctoral students learn to discover and avoid bias and discrimination of any kind, enforce all needed qualities and desired efficiencies into their writing, on a continual basis, and also constantly upgrade and improve performances even after they gain the must coveted PhD Degree. They must not rest on their laurels and work even intensely after gaining the degree to offer the best support, contribution and academic assistance to large followership of global student community, for whom this doctoral degree is dedicated.

So, dear readers, now you’ve had a little insight in the thinking of a professional ghost writer (who might be delivering the essay assignment you gave your students this semester). What do you think: is there convergence between the business of writing assignments and our life in academia? Share you thoughts in the comments below!

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