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Tips for working at night

Since I have less time during the day to work, I’ve been experimenting with a so-called split-shift (working a few hours at night when the baby sleeps). I haven’t been very successful at it though. My struggles are the following:

  • sometimes baby doesn’t want to fall asleep until 9pm
  • I have to pack lunch and eat and unfreeze milk and all that in the kitchen
  • I want to exercise after baby sleeps
  • I snack too much while trying to work
  • I sit on the sofa with my laptop on my lap and am not productive
  • my husband comes home and I want to talk to him
  • I am just tired

So I asked for some advice on Twitter, and I collected this advice in a wake. I’ll keep you posted on how I’ve implemented this advice, and what I’ve learned from this:

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