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How do scientists react to take-down notices?

Lately, I’ve been receiving emails from Elsevier, telling me that they are sending take-down notices to ResearchGate for papers that I have privately stored on the RG servers. These are not papers that are ready for download at one click – if somebody wants the paper, they need to send me a direct message, and then I can reply with the paper. For convenience, RG gives me the option to store papers privately on their server, to make sharing easier.

I must say, I wasn’t too happy with these notices, and really think Elsevier is taking this too far. As a reaction, I am not taking on any new review assignment from Elsevier journal, but send a message to the editor that I am displeased with these actions from Elsevier, and I am moving towards submitting my work mostly to open access journals.

I wonder if I reacted too strongly to these messages about take-down notices. Did Elsevier just rub my the wrong way? Do other scientist feel the same? I ran a quick poll on Twitter.

The results of this poll and its wake are here:

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