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Q&A: Superwriting Records

Q&A: Superwriting records

As I’m cleaning out my pending Q&A questions, I cam across this question, which refers to the albums that I listened to while I wrote my thesis:

Hello Eva. Have a nice day. I wonder if you could share your ” I have 3 “super-writing” records, that make me extremely productive,.” names of that super-writing sounds. Thank you.

The short answer here is that my three super-writing records are:

  • Dark Tranquillity – The Gallery
  • Dark Tranquillity – Projector
  • In Flames – Reroute to Remain

Of course, for most of the people who read this blog, these records mean nothing to them (and if you are a fellow fan of the Gothenburg sound, kudos to you!). What made (and still makes) these records my favorite records for writing is the following:

  • First and foremost, I can listen to these albums every day all day.
  • I have learned to associate these albums with concentrated writing. I hear the opening chords of The Gallery and I’m ready to fly!
  • They are perfect in length for a good writing session.
  • The vocals are distorted so they don’t distract me.

For some of you, an instrumental album works, for others it may be opera, and some of you may prefer to type to sixties hits. Whatever suits your jam and puts you in the mood can become your writing success soundtrack. The trick is to repeat and repeat the same songs so that you associate them with power-writing.

What is your favorite music for writing?

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