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Getting In The Flow Of Writing

Getting in the flow of writing

Someone recently asked me how I find my concentration when I need to write.

I may have raised an eyebrow and said something along the lines of: “I just sit down and write.”

That’s 2022-Eva. I’ve been doing academic writing for more than a decade, and I can snap into focus. And there’s more behind it:

  • I write in the time I have available. Days of full writing as during the PhD are impossible with meetings and other responsibilities.
  • Because I know my writing time is limited, I know what I need to achieve in that block of time.
  • I also put those blocks of time when I know I am sharp. If I’d be putting those blocks during my afternoon slump, I wouldn’t get into the flow at all.
  • I know what I need for my writing: a coffee, my noise-cancelling headphones and music of choice (death metal, instrumental, or shoegaze), a sheet of paper, a pencil, my Word file, my Endnote library, and my data. I get everything ready and get to writing.

So, being able to get into the flow of writing for my hinges on the right time of the day, a good planning, and getting all my tools with me, right away.

How do you find focus for writing?

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