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How I’m Using ChatGPT At This Moment

How I’m using ChatGPT at this moment

I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT for a while now, and I’ve also taken for one month (to explore the functionalities in more depth) the paid subscription to see more options.

In these past months, I’ve used ChatGPT for the following tasks:

  • Creating images with Dall-E (including the picture that comes with this post).
  • Helping me figure out why I am not getting enough sleep and how I can tackle some of my time management challenges (not successful, so far).
  • Reducing an abstract from 300 words to maximum 150 words.
  • Turning written text into a script for recording a video.
  • Parenting questions.
  • Helping me understand how AI can be used in civil engineering and my teaching.
  • Meal planning and adjusting recipes with available ingredients.
  • Assisting me in shopping for the right weighted blanket.
  • Workout schedules and ideas (so far, nothing that has replaced the schedule my trainer at the gym makes).
  • Debugging code as I am learning Python.
  • Getting a summarized bio of the incoming first lady of Ecuador.
  • Planning my trip to Boston and where to eat.
  • CD recommendations (nothing new in there).
  • Comparing different programming languages.
  • Editing my writing.
  • Calculations on equivalent salaries in different cities.
  • Helping me turn ideas for a workshop into an agenda and activities.
  • Navel-gazing conversations. At least now I talk to a chatbot instead of to myself or my cat.
  • Recommendations for online courses to take.
  • Turning text into ideas for multiple-choice quiz questions for class.
  • Seeing what ChatGPT would answer on my exam questions (my exams are open book, and my students have access to everything while they solve the exam).

All in all, I have been using ChatGPT for various tasks at work as well as in my personal life. I still don’t think it can replace me at work because it cannot come up with new ideas, but it can help me polish my writing and debug my code quite well.

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