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Q&A: Next Steps After The PhD

Q&A: Next steps after the PhD

I haven’t done a Q&A in a while, so let me bring this category back.

A reader recently asked me:

Hello Dr. Lantsoght, Thank you for your excellent blog posts. I am currently winding up my research project as a PhD student. I am looking for my next position in Country X as my family has moved there.
I am passionate about teaching and research. It would be great if you can let me know your experience in acquiring an assistant professor job after your PhD. I also would like to know if a post-doc experience is mandatory or if I can go for an industry job before taking up an assistant professor job.
Looking forward to you guidence

My (brief) answer to this was:

Dear XX,
All the best on wrapping up your PhD! In my case, I got an assistant professorship in Ecuador together with a postdoc in the Netherlands after my PhD. The assistant professorship in Ecuador I got through personal contacts and network. In general, in Europe, a postdoc is highly recommended before starting on a tenure track position.
Good luck!

(Note that I have removed some data to keep it as anonymous as possible)

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