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The work-life balance thing

My first blog post here was all about writing down my new academic year’s resolutions and making them public and thus pushing myself to actually do something about it.
One of the “problems” I wanted to tackle is that my work-life balance was pretty much gone. I would get absorbed in my material and only go home at the point I’d be close to starving (or shove another granola bar into my mouth and go on). To avoid my brain from getting overloaded and blurred, I knew I had to go away from the books and get some exercise. One evening of choir repetition per week is not exactly enough of relaxing activity for me.

Last year I had a subscription to the university’s gym, but I didn’t like it. Since I prefer group fitness, I need a place with certified and enthusiastic instructors, which is not quite what I can say about the gym of my university.
And so I decided to go to another place this year. Since I have to pay a fair amount of money per month(for a grad student, that is), I am motivated to squeeze everything out of my euros.

Since last week, I can say I’m officially addicted. I enjoy it a lot, enjoy pushing my own limits. Other than that, I just feel so much better: I have more energy, sleep better, and can concentrate better during the day.

Another advantage is that, since I know I have to leave my office in time to get to the class I want to take, I try much harder to get my work for the day done in time. I haven’t found myself browsing around the internet and wasting time anymore recently. I feel focused on my project, step by step and day by day.

So, all good news from this side, and a smile to go with it!

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