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This post is inspired by this, stating:
Recently on Twitter, PhD2Published posed the question “What is your academic discipline and what are your top 5 recommended high impact journals?”

For my PhD research, I’ve mostly been reading papers from these five journals (in no particular order), and their impact factor:

– ACI Structural Journal (0.782 in 2010)
– Journal of Structural Engineering / ASCE (0.834 in 2010)
– Journal of Bridge Engineering / ASCE (1.009 in 2010)
– Beton- und Stahlbetonbau (0.265 in 2010)
– Magazine of Concrete Research (0.52 in 2010)

Three of these journals are American, one is German and one is British. Even though I can barely put a sentence together in German, I don’t have much trouble reading technical German. Initially I had to read German papers with a dictionary right next to me, but by now I know most of the technical vocabulary. And it’s been extremely useful for my research.

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  1. Hey Eva! I'm a doctoral student too, in the writing stages, and this is such a great post. I might have to borrow this idea from you for my PhD Thursdays series! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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