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The PhD Movie

If you’re a PhD student, you certainly know PhD Comics. Equally funny, there is the PhD Movie. Yesterday, a screening was held on our campus by Promood, and as a fan of the comics, I simply had to go and watch it (even though it was in the middle of the day).

To sum it all up: highly recommended! There are so many situations in there which are familiar to what it is really like. Although doing a PhD in the Netherlands is a bit different from doing a PhD in the US (we don’t have qualifying exams for example, and our buildings aren’t open 24/7 so pulling an allnighter in the lab is impossible), the general ideas and feelings are the same for everyone.
Also, recommended for everyone having a PhD student in their family, or for recruiters trying to understand why they should or shouldn’t hire someone with a PhD degree – because it certainly is a third level of education unlike any other education experience prior to the doctoral study.

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