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The Shires and the Thoroughbreds of Academia

Flickr Image under CC by audi_insperation

For the holidays, I hope you will enjoy some lighter reading.

Recently I came to realize that there are two archetypal workhorses in academia: the shires and the thoroughbreds.

Let’s look at their characteristics:

The Shire

Known for its strength, constitution, and endurance, the Shire horse is known as an English ‘Great Horse’ and is one of the purest breeds native to the country.

Temperament: Patient; Calm; Docile; Easy-going; Gentle; Hard working.

The Thoroughbred

Thoroughbreds are considered one of the best racing breeds in the world. The breed is well known for its speed, agility, endurance and hotblooded nature.

Temperament: Courageous, alert, spirited, excitable, fast, athletic.

Does that sound familiar to you? Do you consider yourself a shire or a thoroughbred?

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