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Writers’ Lab: Why Writing is your Single Most Important Skill

I’ve spent significantly more attention to writing about writing in my posts this year, as I started the Writers’ Lab. As I was preparing my thesis, and now am working towards my defense, writing felt like a suitable subject to explore even further.

When I read this recent post at Study Hacks, I realized how important writing actually is.

It turns out that a lot of publications, and getting a lot of citations from these, are the most important factors for a successful academic career.

You can rephrase that by saying that writing is the single most important skill you need to master for success in academia.

When I read this post, it felt like a wake-up call to me – and it should feel like that to you too.

Make writing a priority.

Make improving your writing a priority.

Check with others to see if your message is clear.

Check with your field to see if your message fulfills a research need.

And then, get writing again and again!

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  1. I disagree. You need to do good quality research, otherwise writing is pointless. Writing is a vital skill, but it is in service of good quality research, not the other way round

  2. Well I think there is a general skill to research in terms of the way you think, but also there are specific skills in whatever field you are in.I spent far more time developing skill in microscopy than in writing. The writing wouldn't have been much use without the skill to obtain good quality data.

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