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Silver Linings: the Ecuador adventure

Today is the very day that I leave Europe and fly to Ecuador to become an assistant professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. It’s not the most common choice for someone having received a PhD in Western Europe to move to a developing country. The main reasons for going there, though, were related to the possibility for both my husband and I to find academic jobs without having to live thousands of miles away from eachother – and it helps that he is originally from there.

Having lived in a number of countries prior to this adventure, I know that it doesn’t really matter to me where I am. As long as I like what I do, get enough sleep, my veggies, music and some sports, my basic needs are covered.

But Ecuador is beautiful, and I will show you five of the things that I most looking forward to enjoy in my new environment.

1. The Andean highs

CC licensed image by Flickr userAinhoa Bilbao

Quito is located right in the middle of the Andes mountains, so hiking should be among my new hobbies.

2. Pacific ocean

CC licensed image by Flickr user Carlos Adampol

 Although I’ll be 4 hours away from the beach, there should be an opportunity every now and then to go to the beach and warm my bones.

3. Visiting the Galapagos

CC licensed image by Flickr user Ndecam

 On a previous trip, I didn’t get the chance to visit the Galapagos islands, and it’s still very high on my wishlist.

4. Fruit overload

CC licensed image by Flickr user A.Davey

One of the things that struck me most of all during my previous visit to Ecuador, is the cornucopia of fruits. There’s a juicer in our container – we’ll be using it!

5. Roses

CC licensed image by Flickr user godutchbaby

Even though roses are associated with English gardens, the roses from Ecuador are famous worldwide (my wedding bouquet contained nothing but Ecuadorian roses).

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  1. Hi Eva! I've been reading your blog for quite a long time. I am doing a PhD in New Zealand, but am from Brazil. Nice that you decided to go to South America with your husband! Can't see that happening here yet! hehe All the best. I will keep here reading your stories. I love it! Cheers, Silvia

  2. Hi Silvia, I am a United States citizen and my wife is from Ecuador. I'll like to teach in Ecuador myself. I have a Juris Doctorate JD in law from the University of California, Berkeley. Can I ask you how you obtain your professor job. While English is my first language I speak and can write Spanish. All the best, Burk

  3. Dear Burk,I was in touch with people from the civil engineering department, but there are job openings on the website of the university as well (the site is currently down, so I can't post the link for you).At the moment, the job market in Ecuador in higher ed is pretty good. The laws have changed, and universities need way more people with doctorates to teach. The new tenure track system (as ruled by the government) has been made into law just a month ago – and for becoming a full professor, you now need a PhD.Hope that helps, and don't hesitate to ask for more information if you'd like.Best,Eva

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