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The outcome of the PhD defense

I recently ran a poll to find out what the outcome of the PhD defense is – for those who defend before submitting the final version of the thesis. As I am currenlty working on the topic of the PhD defense and defense format, my thought would be that asking this question to a more international audience would give relatively more “minor corrections” than the data available for the UK only – since the UK-style viva has the reputation of being the most critical type of defense. It turns out that this is just a reputation – I got international responses and the numbers are in line with those from the UK (and even a bit more towards hasher grading: my poll gives 8% major corrections and 5% who failed their defense, whereas the results from the UK by Nathan Ryder gives less than 7% major corrections).

One should take my results with a grain of salt though – this was a Twitter poll, so technically anybody could respond, and
I received only 172 responses (as compared to the 302 responses in the survey for the viva in the UK).

You can find the full discussion of the poll here:

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