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Q&A: Short-term scholarships during your PhD

I recently received the following question (edited for anonimity):

Dear Dr., I hope this message finds you well. I am XX, a PhD candidate in City Somewhere University, Country right now. I have finished the course work, proposal defense and data collection. I need a short-term studentship stay for dissertation write-up completion. Would you please advise me on free scholarship grant in this regard. Thank you very much in advance for your precious time and feedback.

Difficult question! Not something I have a lot of experience with.
So I replied the following:

Dear XX,

Thanks for reaching out to me through my blog.

You mention that you are looking for scholarship opportunities. There are a number of websites dedicated to this. Depending on the country or university you are interested in, you can check their funding opportunities, as well as funding opportunities from your home institution or country.
For the Netherlands, please check out AcademicTransfer.


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