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I am a PhD Candidate from Griffith University and This is How I work

Today I’m interviewing a PhD Candidate from Griffith University for the “How I Work” series. Our guest for today would like to remain anonymous.

Current Job: PhD student
Current Location: Gold coast, Australia
Current mobile device: Android-Galaxy S3
Current computer: Linux(home) windows(office)

Can you briefly explain your current situation and research to us?
I am working on the final stages of my candidature. I am writing my thesis, and also prepare a new manuscript for journal submission. We could already publish some papers.

What tools, apps and software are essential to your workflow?
The most important one is LaTeX that I use everyday for the manuscript preparation. LaTeX is essential for me. We are preparing a manuscript that we believe has a good chance to get accepted in the Nature, or Science. But because they are not LaTeX friendly, we decided to go to other journals.

To keep all of the files synced between home and office, I use Dropbox and also Copy.
I also use git to keep the history of my work by proper version control. This is also handy to keep the collaboration with colleagues.

I also use Mendeley to organize my bibliography.

What does your workspace setup look like?
Sometimes I work at home, but my primary office is at the uni.

What is your best advice for productive academic work?
Use LaTeX -> git -> dropbox
Read as many papers as you can.

How do you keep an overview of projects and tasks?
Again with git. For every piece of work I can write a comment. It is also possible to revert back to all previous versions.

Besides phone and computer, do you use other technological tools in work and daily life?
Like what??

Which skill makes you stand out as an academic?
Trying to bridge the gap between different disciplines. Also, enthusiastic to find an explanation for every observation.

What do you listen to when you work?
Sometimes classical music, especially Bach.

What are you currently reading?
Poems, mainly Persian poems.

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert? How does this influence your working habits?

What’s your sleep routine like?
We have a small baby. So sleep routine depends on him. If he sleeps well (rarely happens) I sleep 11-6am. And of course, some cuddles should be included in the between.

What’s your work routine like?
I work as much as I can. Sometimes weekends, sometimes overnight. But usually, I start around 8, and finish 4-5pm.

What’s the best advice you ever received?
Never loose hope. If it’s not rejected, so there is a chance of acceptance.

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