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Full-size field test of prestressed concrete T-beam bridge

My colleagues and myself recently published a paper titled “Full-size field test of prestressed concrete T-beam bridge” and presented this at the European Bridge Conference in Edinburgh.

The abstract is as follows:
In the Netherlands, approximately 150 prestressed T-beam bridges with cast-in-between decks and mainly built in the sixties are still in service. Upon assessment, the prestressed beams often do not fulfil the design codes requirements, whereas upon inspection, they show no signs of distress. For the assessment, additional load transfer mechanisms, which could significantly enhance their structural capacity, such as compressive membrane action and transverse redistribution, are not considered. The presented research aims at quantifying these effects. Therefore, an existing simply supported multi-span T-beam bridge was tested. In total seven experiments were carried out using a single point load placed on the T-beam. Three experiments were carried out with the original structural system unchanged. In four experiments, the cast-in-between deck was sawn in longitudinal direction, so that the individual behaviour of the beams could be tested. In both cases two load positions, i.e. a distance of 2.25 m and 4.00 m from the support were used. By analysing both the single beam and the connected beam tests a better understanding of the load carrying capacity of this type of bridge is achieved.

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