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My daily schedule in the summer of 2020

Here’s what my days look like at the moment during the work week:
6:00 wake up
6:20 sunrise meditation on the roof of my building
6:40 prepare breakfast for everybody and quickly eat mine
7:00 start work
8-ish (but different every day): my daughter wakes up. I get her dressed and ready, we spend some time together, she leave the house to go to her grandma who is helping us now that our nanny can’t come to our house anymore.
30 min – 1 hour after my daughter’s wake up: I continue work
12:00 lunch break
12:30 work
16:30 workout: running, yoga or strength training
17:30 my daughter is home, I prepare dinner
18:00 dinner time
19:00 bedtime for my daughter
20:00 (or later) my daughter is asleep
20:15 some more work
21:45 my evening alarm goes – I either keep working, or I round off for the day
22:15 in bed, reading for too long (I actually should sleep at 22:00, but often find myself reading until 23:30).

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