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My Goals For Summer 2021

My goals for Summer 2021

Before the start of every semester, I make a list of my ongoing tasks, my priorities, and plan my weekly template. Based on these, I can develop my goals for the semester.

Now, I know that Summer 2021 has some uncertainties. I need to travel to Belgium for urgent family matters. I don’t know when and where I’ll be vaccinated (I’m in the priority group in Ecuador as a teacher, but also received word from the Belgian embassy that we can get vaccinated in Belgium). My best estimate is that this yet unscheduled travel will take about 6 weeks (as I will need to quarantine upon arrival, which gives me mild anxiety as to how on Earth I’ll keep my 3-year-old cooped up in 20m2 studio for 10 days straight without going crazy).

What I would like to achieve in the upcoming semester is the following:

  • Present at the University of Costa Rica about load testing (virtually).
  • Submit 3 papers.
  • Prepare one of my PhD students for his go/no go.
  • Go to see the lab.
  • Work on my research relating to the doctoral defense.
  • Apply for UK funding.
  • Write for fun.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Spend time with family.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your plans! I hope all come to fruition and I wish you all the best for your Belgium trip! Fingers crossed you can get vaccinated soon 🙂

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