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Q&A: Focus

Q&A: Focus

Here’s a Q&A question from a while ago:

Dear Ms Lantsoght,

Hello. I am XX, from Iran.
I am reading your excellent posts in and some
interviews like

you said using yoga and meditation for better focus. how much it is effective?
My problem is i am stressful and can not focus on my work .

I would appreciate it if you would help me to how to use yoga to solve
my problem.

Best Regards,

My quick answer at the time was:

Meditation and yoga can help you to regain more focus by creating space in your mind. You can use simple meditation exercises in which you focus on your breath to be able to concentrate for longer. However, you mention that you are stressful. I’d recommend you to find the source of this stress, and tackle this.

If you want to start practicing yoga and meditation, there are excellent online resources. You can find tutorials on YouTube, for example.

Having a deeper look at this question, bring me to the following points:

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