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2021 In Review: 10 Best Albums Of 2021

2021 in review: 10 best albums of 2021

Just like every year, I’m making my list of favorite albums of the year. Without much further ado, here is my selection:

10. Angele – Nonante-cinq

Earworm of the year

9. Thy Catafalque – Vadak

More black metal and less folk this year – but still original work

8. Blackmore’s night – Nature’s Light

It’s been a long time since we got some work from Blackmore – and the wait was not in vain.

7. Jess and the Ancient Ones – Vertigo

Everything Jess makes is pure gold.

6. Therion – Leviathan

A return to the roots and to their quick wins for Therion.

5. Noeta – Elm

Anxiety and depression set to music.

4. Epica – Omega

I have old love for this band, what else can I say.

3. Soen – Imperial

My fix of prog for this year.

2. Impure Wilhelmina – Antidote

Discovery of the year for me.

  1. Anneke van Giersbergen – The Darkest Skies are the Brightest
Not a metal album, but Anneke made a gem. I’ve had this album on repeat for all of 2021. My kid knows the songs by heart.

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