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2021 In Review: How I Spent My Time In 2021

2021 in review: How I spent my time in 2021

I’ve spent less time working in 2021 (about 2325 hours) than in 2020 (2620 hours) but more than in 2019 (2176 hours). If you look at the monthly totals, you can also see that I took time off in May and July-August for holidays, and then lost time in the Fall due to all previously mentioned complications.

While in 2020, I spent most of my time on teaching, I’ve been able to spend more time on publications this year – and that’s a something I wanted to achieve. I also spent a lot of time on this blog – perhaps more than I think is good (in particular: I spent a lot of time creating the course on Research in Difficult Times)

Overall, this is how I spent my time in the various categories:

  • Papers: 16.91%
  • Teaching: 12.62%
  • Blog: 11.44%
  • Service: 11.28%
  • ACI Avances: 7.9%
  • Email: 6.11%
  • PhD project 1: 5.47%
  • Admin: 3.79%
  • Teaching TU: 3.67%
  • Planning: 3.41%
  • Meeting TU: 2.82%
  • PhD project 2: 2.34%
  • Learning: 2.19%
  • Viva book: 1.31%
  • Research project: 1.29%
  • Research proposals: 1.08%
  • Fatigue project: 1%

And then various smaller categories in which I spent less than 1% of my time of this year.

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