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My Goals For Spring 2022

My goals for Spring 2022

Before the start of every semester, I make a list of my ongoing tasks, my priorities, and plan my weekly template. Based on these, I develop my goals (or semester priorities) for the semester.

Spring 2022 is starting off with the omicron wave, and a lot of uncertainty. I will still be teaching my course online, but hope to working from the office (where I have my desktop computer). If we need to work from home again, I will need to find a way to drag my desktop back home as well.

I’m keeping my ambitions low. I have a container on its way with my belongings that were still in my mom’s house, we will be moving to a new house, and I’m grieving the loss of my mother. My bandwidth is very small.

With that said, I’d like to work on the following in the upcoming semester:

  • Submit 4 papers
  • Work on the analysis of experiments.
  • Help my new PhD candidate getting started, and my other PhD candidate to finish his thesis.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Meditate.
  • Write for fun.
  • Restart exercise after too many injuries.
  • Move to our new house.
  • Spend a date day or weekend with my husband.
  • Schedule lunch dates.
  • Have 4 trips outside of the city.

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