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My Spring 2022 Weekly Template

My Spring 2022 weekly template

As always before the start of a new semester, I have developed my weekly template for this spring semester, which you can see above (I did take out the names of my students with whom I have recurring meetings). My template is quite similar to my Fall 2021 template. I’m even teaching the same course at the same time.

Here are the main changes to my schedule:

  • I’m scheduling time only until 4pm, instead of 4:30 pm.
  • I’m adding in the options of activities for my lunch break, and will schedule my lunch break activities on a weekly basis.
  • I’m keeping the divide between days for service/admin/teaching and days for research.
  • No crazy early mornings, as I’m grieving and very tired.
  • There are some changes in my schedule as a result of my daughter’s activities.

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