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My Fall 2023 Weekly Template

My Fall 2023 weekly template

Here’s my template for the Fall semester!

It is going to be a teaching-heavy semester again, as now I’m teaching a graduate course for 6 hours a week and an undergraduate course for 3 hours a week. The graduate course only runs from September to the beginning of November, so after that I’ll possibly will have a bit more breathing space (or better: I will be catching up).

I don’t have all my daughter’s activities sorted out yet, so my afternoon are still uncertain with regard to driving and all of that. I’ll only know these in September after the start of school.

We also have experimental work coming up here in Ecuador and a number of visitors, so I’ll need to move things around to be able to fit that in. I also still have to see on a week-by-week basis how I will fit in my meetings with PhD candidates when these overlap with teaching.

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