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Evaluation Of My Fall 2021 Goals

Evaluation of my Fall 2021 goals

Fall 2021 was a particularly hard semester for me: I started wearing arch supports as I was dealing with a hip and knee injury, then I broke my toe, then we were all quarantined as my husband and daughter had COVID, meanwhile I dealt with a cancer scare after the detection of a lump in my breast, and then I traveled on emergency to Belgium as my mom’s health was getting worse, and she passed away just as I had returned to Ecuador.

I had a number of goals for this semester, so let’s see how that went:

  • Submit 4 papers: I submitted one, which got rejected by two journals and I haven’t come around reworking it. I worked on various papers with my students. I also resubmitted papers with major revisions. All in all, a lot has been postponed to next year.
  • Finish first series of experiments of my PhD candidate and work with her on the reports related to these experiments. One report is about to come to completion. In addition, I had a research project that came up short notice and that took a lot of my research time this semester.
  • Assist my other PhD candidate in passing his go/no go evaluation. Done, and successful!
  • Help my new PhD candidate getting started, and my other PhD candidate to finish his thesis. I’m a secondary advisor on this project and haven’t had the time to meet with the new candidate yet (to my shame). I just put a reminder that I should schedule a meeting in January when I’m back from traveling to Belgium. The other candidate is well on his way to completing his thesis.
  • Continue my research related to the doctoral defense. I haven’t been able to do much on this research.
  • Apply for EU funding. Submitted! And now we wait.
  • Spend time on creative work. Nope. I’ve scrolled Instagram instead.
  • Get more sleep. Here and there – but I learned that my sleep need is actually 8h45min per night, and I hate my body for being such a sloth.
  • Have good and early mornings. No early mornings. I’ve just been trying to survive this semester.
  • Make a large puzzle. I started one, worked on it for an hour one afternoon, and then rolled it up and never touched it again.
  • Start the construction of our house. Change of plans. We will be moving to another house in Spring 2022, stay there for a while, and then hopefully build our house.
  • Spend time with my husband. We had a few dates, but I want to make this even more a priority moving forward.
  • Have 4 trips outside of the city. We’ve made a few outings, but between not being able to walk with my toe, our quarantine, and my trip to Belgium, not much time was left for adventure.

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