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Finding Time For Exercise

Finding time for exercise

I recently received a question on my blog:

This is awesome Eva!
I wish I managed to fit in exercise everyday. I definitely don’t, and am constantly sleep deprived and exhausted. Do you exercise at home? Any tips for managing exercise routine and mom-life? Many thanks for sharing this.

My reply may serve others, so I’m reposting it here:

Thanks for your comment!
I’ve just had another two week hiatus in my exercise routine, after a few more personal setbacks that left me just feeling too bleh to do anything I usually enjoy.
I exercise at home, using the audiobased app Aaptiv (which used to be better, but I haven’t found a replacement yet that has better strength training programs, EkhartYoga,, and the occasional YouTube exercise video.
What has worked for me so far, is to keep my workouts short (20 minutes – the time it takes me to boil water for pasta or potatoes to start preparing dinner) – it’s better to do something than nothing at all. If I want to do a longer run, I’ll try to fit it in on the weekend. I also involve my daughter. She either joins in (she likes yoga), or she just jumps around me. The key for me is to just hurry up a bit when I get home and change to my workout clothes instead of starting to clean and organize, so that I can get it done.

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