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Evaluation Of My Spring 2023 Goals

Evaluation of my Spring 2023 goals

Another semester is past, so let’s have a look at how I did in terms of my semester goals:

  • Submit 4 papers. Yes! One paper has one of my PhD candidates as first author, two papers have a postdoc as first authors, and one paper is single-authored by me.
  • Work with my PhD candidate on thesis. Yes, we are making progress to the last months.
  • Guide PhD candidate with experiments. The specimens are in the lab and the setup is getting built – I’m looking forward to participate in these experiments this summer when I will be in Delft.
  • Prepare new teaching material for MSc course. I’ve finished my share completely.
  • Teach Bridge Engineering at BSc level (new course!). Yes, I’m now waiting for the results of the student evaluations.
  • Start new EU research project. Yes, and we even got funding for a small, local complimentary side project to gte more data.
  • Hire a post-doc. Yes, the post-doc started on May 1st.
  • Speak at 3 places or online. My passport renewal took long so I haven’t been searching actively for speaking gigs. I now have a new passport (with sketches of Tintin!) so I’m up for any invitations 🙂
  • Get better sleep. It’s pretty much the same. Last year’s average was 7h37′ per night and this year is 7h35′ per night.
  • Contemplative practices. On and off.
  • Write for fun. This didn’t happen much. My creative juices are pretty much spent by the time it is evening.
  • 4 workouts per week. After being sick with a bad cough for almost three months (and hurting my ribs from the cough), I’m back to exercising regularly.
  • Organize our new house. We’ve done some progress, but we still have a number of things to fix.
  • Plan 2 weekends away from the city. We had visitors from the US at the beginning of the years and visited places with them, my husband and I went on a weekend to celebrate our dating anniversary, and my daughter and I went on a four-day trip during the Easter break.

All in all, I did very well on my work goals and reasonably well on my personal and family goals.

What was your Spring semester like?

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