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My Summer 2023 Priorities

My Summer 2023 priorities

As always, at the beginning of a new semester I sit down and go through a number of steps: I check in with my projects to see what I have ongoing and upcoming, I check my calendar for upcoming major events, I check in with the status of various papers, and from there, I develop my semester priorities.

Summer semesters are short. I will be working 2 weeks and 2 days in Ecuador and then 5 weeks and 1 day in the Netherlands. My priorities are adjusted to this shorter time period (with more travel).

Here’s what I’m focusing on for the summer:

  • Submit 3 papers.
  • Work with PhD candidate to first draft of thesis.
  • Work with other PhD candidate to first draft of thesis.
  • Upload course material.
  • Prep experiments to do in Ecuador in the Fall.
  • Participate in skewed slab tests.
  • Think about where to apply for funding next, as well as next steps in career and research.
  • In-person meetings with researchers, collaborators, and other parties.
  • Work with PhD candidate who is coming on a research visit to Delft.
  • Record lectures in a better way (I recorded through Zoom; we will now record in the lecture room).
  • Figure out dates for visit next summer.
  • Better sleep.
  • 4 workouts per week.
  • Go on summer holiday.
  • Take trips with daughter on the weekends.

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