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Another Summer Without A Weekly Template

Another summer without a weekly template

Just as in Summer 2022, I will not be using a weekly template for Summer 2023.

My reasons are similar to last summer, but with some changes.

Here’s why using a weekly template does not make sense for me in this upcoming semester:

  • I’ll only be in Ecuador for two weeks and two days. My weekly template kind of continues with the recurring time blocks, but the teaching time is not there anymore.
  • For my time in Ecuador, I want to focus on catching up. I have too many loose ends that I need to tie back after going into hyperfocus mode on a single topic (one research topic, then a class prep topic) and everything else fell to the side.
  • I’ll be in the Netherlands for five weeks and a day and in that time, my focus is on meetings and catching up with my colleagues. I’m also using two days for a trip abroad.
  • I solo-parent when I’m in the Netherlands, so I need to make sure I have some buffer in case something happens.
  • After we return to Ecuador, we will be preparing our daughter’s birthday party and then we go on a 10-day beach holiday.

So, there’s not enough regularity in my semester this time to develop a template. I’ll be back before the fall with my Fall 23 template.

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