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Why I’m Not Using A Weekly Template In Summer 2022

Why I’m not using a Weekly Template in Summer 2022

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I swear by my weekly template to plan my semesters.

Yet, for Summer 2022 I will not be using a weekly template.

As I was sitting down to plan my summer semester, I noticed that it would not serve me this time to develop a template, for the following reasons:

  • I’ll only be in Ecuador for three weeks, one of which is a 3-day week due to a national holiday.
  • For my time in Ecuador, I want to focus on preparing material for the new graduate course I’ll be teaching in the Fall and on finalizing some loose ends from the spring semester.
  • I’ll be traveling alone with my daughter and without childcare for a week. Maybe I’ll take a call or two and reply some emails, but not much will get done.
  • I’ll be in the Netherlands for three weeks and in that time, my focus is on meetings and catching up with my colleagues.
  • Then, I’ll head for a conference (with family in tow).
  • After the conference, we’ll be taking a much-needed vacation.

So, there’s not enough regularity in my semester this time to develop a template. I’ll be back before the fall with my Fall 22 template.

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