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Evaluation Of My Summer 2023 Goals

Evaluation of my Summer 2023 goals

At the end of every semester, I look back at what I accomplished of my goals. Here’s how I did in Summer 2023:

  • Submit 3 papers: Submitted 1 journal paper and 3 conference papers.
  • Work with PhD candidate to first draft of thesis: Almost there!
  • Work with other PhD candidate to first draft of thesis: Here, we are still working on the main chapters, but the big knots are all untangled.
  • Upload course material: Well, the submission page wasn’t open yet, but I have all material ready.
  • Prep experiments to do in Ecuador in the Fall: Mostly done, but some good planning and organization is still needed.
  • Participate in skewed slab tests: Yes, how lovely it was to be in the lab again and test Big Things.
  • Think about where to apply for funding next, as well as next steps in career and research: Yes, there’s been discussions, ideas, and some things that are coming together.
  • In-person meetings with researchers, collaborators, and other parties: I met with everybody (except collaborators of one project), went to Lulea for discussions, and received visitors from Italy and Denmark to discuss starting and ongoing collaborations.
  • Work with PhD candidate who is coming on a research visit to Delft: Yes, I think we did great progress.
  • Record lectures in a better way (I recorded through Zoom; we will now record in the lecture room): All done! And the videos are edited and everything and ready to go online for the next run of the course.
  • Figure out dates for visit next summer: Still working on this.
  • Better sleep: Meh. It was so busy.
  • 4 workouts per week: I did my workouts when I was in Ecuador. I didn’t do anything in the Netherlands, but commuted by bike so that gave me some movement.
  • Go on summer holiday: We spent 10 days in the sun in Cancun.
  • Take trips with daughter on the weekends: Yes, although the combination of an intense research visit with all the meetings and collaboration discussions and then traveling around on the weekend to see my family in Belgium was quite taxing.

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