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Best Albums Of 2023

Best albums of 2023

At the end of every year, I like looking back at the music I enjoyed during the year. So, here are my top 10 albums of 2023 (albums released in 2023):

10. In Flames – Foregone: In Flames has always been one of my favorite bands (I missed their show in Quito this year, though). So, out of respect for their career and their work, I’m adding them to my top list of the year.

9. Kalmah – Haunted by Guilt: Just a groovy melodeath album I listened to a lot. I didn’t even realize I listened to it that much, until I checked my Spotify top songs of the year. So, Kalmah deserve a shout-out for sure.

8. Rome – Gates of Europe: For the liberation of Ukraine. For peace in Europe.

7. Pyrameze – Bloodlines: A catchy metal album I enjoyed a lot this year.

6. Hexvessel – Polar veil: While I love Hexvessel, I don’t think Polar Veil is their best work. Nonetheless, the album still has a handful of extremely strong songs so the album deserves a place in my end-of-year list.

5. Rave the Reqviem – Ex-Eden: A new release from one of my favorite industrial metal bands.

4. Blood Ceremony – The old ways remain: This band does the 70s doom revival and occult rock act really well.

3. Soen – Memorial: Best metal album of the year.

2. Kadril – Jolie Flamande: Kadril are one of the best Flemish folk bands (celebrating 45 years), and I truly enjoyed this album. Proud moment: I heard my daughter sing some of the songs from this album as well.

1. VNV Nation – Electric sun: I’m an old goth who still enjoys futurepop very much.

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