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2023 In Review: Highlights

2023 in review: highlights

One of my end-of-year practices includes looking back at the past year and seeing the highlights of each month. This is what 2023 looked like for me:

  • January: dealing with the fallout of the cyberattack on our university.
  • February: visit of international colleague to USFQ.
  • March: reading a lot about fire safety.
  • April: trip with my daughter during the Easter holiday.
  • May: preparing the material of the new MSc course.
  • June: traveling to Delft, with a trip to Lulea as well.
  • July: spending time on the weekends with family and friends.
  • August: summer holiday on the beach in Mexico.
  • September: teaching the new MSc course and learning Python.
  • October: organization of workshop on biobased materials as part of the EU project.
  • November: ACI convention in Boston.
  • December: final exams and end-of-year celebrations.

Overall, this is 2023 in a nutshell:

  • 3 research projects in the Netherlands
  • 2 research projects in Ecuador
  • supervising 7 PhD candidates and involved with 2 more
  • supervising 2 post-docs
  • worked with 2 MSc students and starting now 2 more MSc students
  • 16 publications in Google Scholar and 12 in Scopus

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