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A few good Friday habits

Friday means the end of the workweek and the beginning of the weekend. Or at least, it means that for the next two days I can sleep in a bit and work/read from home. Naturally, my energy level is lower on a Friday, and that is the reason why I developed a few good Friday habits.

1. Back-up time
Thursday evening I put my external HD in my backpack and my first action on Friday morning is to make a back-up of this week’s work.

2. Plan less intense work
I reserve certain tasks that require less brain power for Friday’s lower energy level. For example, I run my code to obtain the graphs for my test report, and write about the most recent experiments in my test report, based on the notes from my lab book.

3. Make an overview of the past and next week
Every Friday evening I make a to do list for the next week, and I look at the past week’s to do list. I write on the bottom of the past week’s and current month’s to do list what I’ve accomplished. For about half a year I’ve been doing this now, and it gives me a much better estimate of how much work I can actually do in a week’s time.

4. Time for chores
My last Friday habit is to try and get as much chores done as possible: getting groceries, cleaning, doing laundry and more of that fun stuff. Getting this done on a Friday gives me more time during the weekend to divide between reading papers, studying, relaxing and working out.

Do you have any special Friday habits?

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