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Inserting the chapter title to the header in Word 2010

For the report which holds all my experimental data, I’ve started to add the chapter title (that is, the specimen name in my case) to the header.
If you use header 1, 2,… for your titles, there is a quick and easy way to automatically add the chapter title to the header.
Here‘s a long and very clear description of how to do it.
To sum it up: all you need to do is go to “Quick Parts”, select “Field”, and then place the category to “Links and References” and select “Styleref”. From there you can select what you need, for example “Heading 1”.

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  1. Love your short description; was more than sufficient to enrich the header of my thesis with the current chapter. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing ! but I want to insert chapter and title !Let's example:Chapter 1 Hello !Chapter 2 Hello Again !Thanks !

  3. I tried to do this earlier few times for my master thesis that I'm writing at the moment… and I could not so properly.But i tried your description and it took less than 1 minute… I am so happy and really want to say thank you to you…..Cheers,Rashi

  4. Thank you very much – in the new office it is very efficiently hidden – it is there, but the official help wants you to set a section break between each chapter, and to set the chapter title in each chapter individually… brrrrr

  5. Thanks Eva for your first tip. Thanks to Eva. I was looking for the right field code to choose & you've directed me right there! I was trying out the \”Section\” which wasn't what I wanted. Anyway, for those of you who wants to use the Chapter number, after you select \”StyleRef\”, picked your \”Style name\”, tick one of the checkbox under field options on the right. You may choose \”Insert paragraph\” or \”Insert paragraph in full context\” & there are few more you can explore.

  6. Hi, Thank you, it is good quick help. Any advice on how I can avoid the header on the preliminary 28 pages like acknowledgements, etc. Being heading 1s, they had come up as headers. I tried to put them as heading 2 but then the Chapter 1 header then appeared. I would be grateful, Henry

  7. Hi Madam,I have used the tip given upon here and it did really work perfectly for inserting Heading 1. I have just got a problem inserting Heading 2, where applicable in my thesis. How is it possible to insert Heading 2? Could you help me out?

  8. I have a large Word 2010 legal doc. with 8 Exhibits. I want the first Exhibit Heading (not in the Header, in the doc. itself) to be A-1, A-2, etc. and then B-1, B-2, etc. However, I would then like the footers to read A. 1.1, A. 2.1, and then B. 1.1, B 2.1, etc. Is there a way to easily do this as I certainly can not seem to make it happen?-thanks

  9. Thanks Eva!By the way, in Word 2011 for the Mac, I found that the switch for chapter numbers is \”\\w\”. So for example: STYLEREF \”Heading 1\” \\w/ Fredric

  10. Hi Eva, I have followed your instructions through quickparts, and it has mostly been a success – thanks! However, annoyingly, there are 2 pages (both first pages of chapters) that have not got chapter numbers at the bottom, only page numbers. I have tried playing around with the fields on those particular pages, but if I re-insert the chapter heading in that single footer through quickpart style ref (as I have for the rest of the document), it will appear correctly on the first page, but on all the other pages of the chapter it will appear twice.

  11. Thank you so much Eva, like a lot of people here, I'd spent a lot of time messing around reading the Microsoft Online Help pages and getting nowhere… and you told me exactly what I needed in a three line summary – classic 🙂

  12. Hi Eva,Im done with my thesis but now frustrating with my formatting and was wondering if you could halp me out?Problem: my chapter title is too long (two lines)Now I want to only pick up parts of my heading to put it into the header for the respective chapters.Ive searched the internet for hours now but still not able to find a solution.Can you please help me???

  13. HI It works really well except my chapter titles have the names of books in italics and these italics were wiped out in the header. Is there anyway I can formatting in the header?

  14. Is there a way to edit chapter title using StyleRef? I have one of my chapter name little longer, which takes two lines. Would it be possible to edit header for this particular chapter? Thanks in advance.

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