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Improving your Spotify experience

I love listening to music, preferably on my own stereo in my room (which was arguably one of the best presents my parents ever came to me with). When I’m in my office, or whenever my CD collection is out of reach, I rely on streaming services. Recently I’ve been enjoying Spotify very much (although I’m not sure how their 10 hours per month maximum limit now will affect my listening habits – I might just go and head back to Grooveshark). As with most services that I use, I like to get the most out of it. Here are three ways in which I improved my listening and sharing experience on Spotify:  

1. Blockify

Love the service, hate the ads? Here comes Blockify to save the day 🙂 It’s an advert blocker, and it manages to mute most of the ads. Great for when you’re working with some nice background music and don’t want to get disturbed by someone blabbering in your ear about the most random things like jeans fitting your shape or parties which are of no interest to you.  

2. Playlistify

I’ve used Playlistify to import my playlists from Grooveshark and into Spotify. The best part was were I could take my loved tracks from and have these converted into a spotify playlist. Using the regular app for Spotify only gives you something like 20 tracks, and my list of loved tracks was over 200 tracks long. Most of these have been successfully transferred into the Spotify playlist.

 3. connection

With an app in Spotify, you can connect your and Spotify accounts to eachother, which enables to scrobble from Spotify. Before restricted listening to its audience here in Europe, I used their service a lot. I still really like how they recommend music to explore – and I’m grateful for the link between Spotify and to now get recommendations from based on what I stream in Spotify. It also gives me access to all the cool stat applications has, and the informtion puts per artist. With the app in Spotify, you can browse through within the Spotify program.

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  1. Nice one! Cheers for the info, I totally agree with you. £10 a month to simply remove adverts and allow track skipping is a joke; particularly as artists make so little from the service. I'd pay £5 but £10 is ridiculous.

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