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Liveblogging at TEDxDelft

I woke up at 5:45am today to arrive to TU Delft Aula (the main auditorium) in the very early morning to get the organizer’s peptalk and get started for a day of writing, writing and more writing (sure will be more than 750 words today!).

The performers I’ll be liveblogging about, are Marwa Al-Ansary, Erik Schlangen and Wendy Lampen.

If you want to follow the liveblogs (we’re a room full of bloggers ready to give it our best shot), check out the TEDxDelft website. The program is up here (we’re in GMT+1 time). You can also follow our livestream, and on Twitter we want to create a #TEDxDelft buzz!

Let’s get inspired, release our inner child and remember: never grow up!

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