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Science is Fun, Science is Play

When I went for my PhD Start-Up training course, I learned to know the expression “Science is fun“.

In the end, as a researcher, you are in the privileged position to play around with ideas, use your time to explore different paths and -most likely- in one way or another carry out experiments nobody has ever done before.

You are not required to follow existing flow charts to solve a problem, but are instead encouraged to explore possibilities, and you are given the time to truly explore the research question in order to advance your field. 

The basic character trait you need is just curiosity: the ability to ask yourself why are things the way they are? And then, in order to study the implications of this question, you need to set up a game. When described in these terms, research is something that is absolutely suitable for children as well. Beau Lotto tested the scientific method with a group of school children – and ended up having the kids become published scientists. This video is one of the best insights in science I have seen in a long time – please enjoy, share, and -if possible- go and spread the love for science to young children.

More than “Science: It’s a girl thing!” in which science is Barbified, I think that we need young girls to learn that “Science is fun” by actually exposing them to true science, such that they can experience what it is really like.

You can go byond

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