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Ten best books I read in 2017

Just like every year, I present you with the 10 best books I read in the past year. I read a fair amount of pulp this year at the end of my pregnancy, as my brain couldn’t make it through good fiction anymore, but I also read a few books I’d happily recommend you.

10. 80,000 Hours: Find a fulfilling career that does good – Benjamin Todd
An excellent, evidence-based book on choosing a career path that does good in this world.

9. What the most successful people do on the weekend – Laura Vanderkam
Part of a series of books. The other two are “what the most successful people do before breakfast” and what “what the most successful people do at work”. Whereas the other two books are a rehash of typical time management tips, the topic of what to do on the weekend is fascinating and gave me some new insights.

8. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Book of the Spiritual Man – Charles Johnston
I listened to this, and while I found some parts inspiring, I certainly need more context and explanation to understand more of this work.

7. The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Another book I listened to, and it was quite enjoyable to listen to the advice and experiences of an icon in our history.

6. The end of average – Todd Rose
I also listened to this book – and I found elements of it interesting, and other elements were food for thought (but I did not agree with some of Rose’s suggestions).

5. I know how she does it – Laura Vanderkam
I’m a fan of Vanderkam, and this book came just in time for me. I read it before returning to work after my maternity leave, and drew some inspiration from it.

4. The bone clocks – David Mitchell
I genuinely enjoy reading David Mitchell’s books, and found this book another fascinating and enjoyable read.

3. Britt-Marie was Here – Fredrik Backman
I also enjoy reading Backman. This book was a heartwarming read.

2. Sprakeloos – Tom Lanoye
In Dutch – but something I would recommend all to read. A testimony to the life of Lanoye’s mother. The link below takes you to the English translation of this work.

1. Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Harriet Beecher Stowe
I listened to this book as well. A classic that I had not read in the past, and I understand why it is a classic.

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