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What do you do when you receive a review invitation for a very poorly written abstract

As I recently received the invitation to review a paper of which the abstract was poorly written, I was pondering what I should do:

– I don’t like slogging through a poorly written paper – it makes review so much harder.
– The topic is of my interest, maybe their work is good even though the writing is bad.
– They should get help on the writing first before submitting it, it’s not my job to help them with this.
– The editor should have caught this.
– Maybe another reviewer will reject it, and maybe this is good work, and that would be a pity for the authors.

I usually end up taking the review and trying to provide constructive comments, but I don’t like it (poorly written work is simply really hard to read and understand).

So, as I was wondering what others do in that case, I ran a poll on the topic.

You can find the poll and the discussion below:

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