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Evaluation of my 2019 goals

I’ve been planning most of my goals per semester, with some goals from my list of 100 dreams for my goals per year.

Here’s a list of my goals from 2019:

1. Visit the Quilotoa loop
Yes! We went in the spring and we enjoyed it very much.

2. Get tenure in Delft

Finally! Got it in May 2019.

3. Build our house
Not yet. Still working on getting all permissions.

4. Give up sugar for 40 days

I did. Then I noticed I actually eat only small amounts of added sugar, and that I enjoy baking and sharing what I bake with friends and family. And I like drinking my kombucha/water kefir, which have some sugar for the fermentation process.

5. Implement a digital sabbath at home
I did, the noticed it isn’t all too practical to have your phone off when you want to drive somewhere or when you need to arrange stuff (having a kid means so much arranging always). I still want to reduce my screentime and time on my phone further. Not sure how to do it exactly.

6. Have and keep a completely organized home
Well – with a toddler one can’t remain organized. I did rearrange two rooms completely, got additional furniture, and in general our house is more organized by now.

7. Declutter my belongings
I organized and cleaned up a fair amount of stuff at home. I still have stuff at my mother’s house – and since she is moving somewhere else and barely talking to me these days, I’m not sure if she’ll keep my things or just throw them out. Hope my piano and wedding dress will survive somehow.

8. Study yoga philosophy
I read Yogananda’s memoir and started reading essays of Feuerstein on yoga. I didn’t take a formal course yet.

9. Supervise a PhD student
Yes! Two as main supervisor by now and a few more as cosupervisor/ committee member.

10. Donate the clothes I don’t wear
Mostly done! I am still holding on to my nursing bras, I don’t really know why.

11. Work on curating my closet
I worked my way through the book and still haven’t found what works for me. I’ve at least gotten rid of clothes that don’t fit me anymore – either gave them to someone else or put as keepsakes for my daughter some day, but I still have clothes I’ve had since my teens and I know I’m not a teenager anymore but can’t find a reason to get rid of them.

12. Go to the opera
Yes! We saw La Serva Padrona.

Not from my list of dreams:

13. Walk the entire Chaquinan
Yes, I did it! With the toddler in a carrier!

14. Run a 10k

I got well into 7 weeks of 8 weeks of training and then got sick. Hope to run 10k soon.

15. Go to Maquipucuna

We went in November and loved it!

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