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How I spent my time in 2019 at work

I’ve been tracking my time constantly at work since mid 2018, so 2019 is the first year I can analyze my data of an entire year.

Here’s how I spent my time:
service: 269 hours
Teaching: 252 hours
Papers: 203 hours
email + admin: 197 hours
Research project 1: 166 hours
Research project 2: 149 hours
planning: 123 hours
ACI Avances: 110 hours
viva book: 102 hours
Research project 3: 100 hours
Research project 4: 90 hours
Meetings: 75 hours
events: 50 hours
Load testing book: 47 hours
PhD student 1: 45 hours
PhD student 2: 33 hours
Blog: 30 hours
Teaching TU: 28 hours
Research proposals: 27 hours
Side hustle: 16 hours
PhD student 3: 13 hours
PhD student 4: 12 hours
Adstren work: 10 hours
and then a few smaller categories as well as some untracked time.

Here’s what I learn from this:
– I can’t say no, so I end up spending a lot of time on service.
– As a main category, research is still my biggest time commitment, which is good.
– Email and admin takes so much time, but it is what it is.
– I’ve worked a lot in 2019. I’m comfortable with my time commitment at the moment (45-50 hours a week, including the time spent blogging) – I feel like I’m finally caught up after maternity leave. I would like to scale back to 40 hours a week, eventually though.
– Maybe I don’t spend enough time with my PhD students?

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