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Poll on tools for online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic

I’m writing this on March 20th at night, lockdown day 5 for me, and I’ve had a rough week. COVID-19 is making me very anxious. Will I be able to go to Delft this summer (I am supposed to travel on May 8th, with my toddler daughter)? And if I can travel, will I be able to return to Ecuador? What if something happens to my family in Europe and the borders are closed and I can’t go help them? Lots of thoughts on repeat through my head.

Today, I’ve started to accept the situation:
– I’ve made a checklist for myself: daily meditation, 3 breaks with a bit of strength exercises, cardio, yoga – to keep moving
– I’ve accepted that some work done in a day is a win
– More than anything: I’m grateful that I am not separated from my daughter and husband and cat.
– We can’t plan at the moment. I like planning. I need to let go and accept this situation.
– I realize I’ve only known peace and prosperity in my lifetime. I am grateful for that and am bracing myself for what comes ahead.

If you need to switch to an online defense of your proposal or PhD thesis, check out this post by Dr. Yvette Williams.

On another note, I ran a poll about teaching from home during this pandemic. Do we have the tools for teaching online? And did our universities provide them or did we buy these tools ourselves?

Here are the results of the two polls:

And here is the wake of the poll:

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