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Q & A: How To “count” Blogging

Q & A: How to “count” blogging

As I’m going through my pending questions to answer, on this blog, I came across this question:

I am new to this whole blogging thing…so, when the blog get posted, will it be considered a “publication” or something that I can put on my CV?

Here’s my reply to this question:

You probably won’t be able to count the blog post as a publication that has as much weight as an article in a refereed journal, but some universities keep track of the “other” publications of their staff (USFQ where I’m based does so), and you can add the link to your blog. As you can see at PhD Talk, I keep a tab for Research and Publications, which has strictly my scholarly output and a tab for Guest Posts, which has my writing elsewhere – both contribute to the image I have as a scientist, online and offline. If you write a long guest post for an online magazine, you can typically count this as a non-scientific contribution.

When it comes to counting these contributions on your CV, you could chose to add the link to your blog on your CV, or add a few samples of blog posts you wrote in a section “other writing” or “selected blog posts” with the links, so those who view your CV can get a taste for your online writing.

Where do you mention your blog or blog posts on your CV?

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