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Your Most Important Computer Programs

Your most important computer programs

A few weeks ago, I wrote about apps that I use every day, including computer programs I use on a daily basis. Today, I’d like to focus on programs that my most important computer programs – I may not be using these programs every day, but a lot of my work hinges on the use of these programs.

For me, these programs are:

In terms of online platforms, the following are crucial for me:

  • Qualtrics: for surveys and class exit tickets
  • D2L: for teaching

My advice of the day for you is:

  • Identify the programs that are crucial for your work. When you need to change computers, you know which programs you need to install first.
  • Make sure your licenses of these programs are always in order. Most likely, you’ll be using a general university license. However, if the license is bought on your project, you may need to keep an eye on expiration dates and see when to renew your license (and how to get the funding for renewing).
  • Educate yourself on your programs. If you’ve identified a program that you’ll need to use a lot for your research, but you are not very fluent in its use yet, then look for an (online) course to teach you how to use the software at the level you need it for your research.

Which programs are crucial to your research?

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