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How I Spent My Time In Fall 2022

How I spent my time in Fall 2022

In Fall 2022, I spent a lot of time teaching and I had a few relatively long workweeks – the longest taking 60h45min. I also “lost” time away from work with the move, and had two international trips during this semester.

The overall breakdown of how I spent my time is as follows:

  • Teaching: 19.09%
  • Service: 10.17%
  • Papers: 9.47%
  • Teaching TU: 8.75%
  • ACI Avances: 7.15%
  • Admin: 5.66%
  • Blog: 5.61%
  • Conferences: 3.82%
  • PhD project 1: 3.65%
  • Research: 2.77%
  • Fire project: 2.60%
  • PhD project 2: 2.55%
  • Meetings: 2.43%
  • PhD project 3: 2.36%
  • Planning: 2.27%
  • PhD project 4: 2.16%

In addition, there’s a whole list of topics that each took less than 18 hours of my time (less than 2%) that I will not list here.

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